New Currency Issue 2 : The Future Is Open

New Currency Issue 2 : The Future Is Open

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Cover Art realized by Moses Petros (DROOPHEAD) 

Events of recent times have shifted our focus from chasing our dreams to surviving the present. Our idea of what the future could be was forced into a limbo by the uncertainties of the times. As the world begins to open up and airport traffic increases, there is a newfound resurgence of connection within our global community, a renewed sense of optimism. 

New Currency Issue 2: The Future is Open brings together inspiring conversations and ideas highlighting the changes we have undergone and the vast nature of what is still to come. 

In Paris, Nana Amandine, founder of Transplantation Gallery, an independent Afro-French cultural institution in the making presents a visual diary and insight into their operation. In London, Ezenna Okotcha collaborates with Andy Carnegie Brown presents a visual story highlighting Ezenna’s curiosity and life and death with Gbolade Oludare at the helm of this conversation. Nigel Matambo known online as Sununguro teaches us on how to be human online. Connor Garel has a discussion with emerging designer Kailand Morris on his process, inspiration and the change he hopes to see in the fashion world. Also within the world of fashion, Octavia Burgel is back for this issue for a  chat with Jawara Alleyene, with portraits in London shot by Justin French. 

To get into Olu Odukoya’s world, the artist, creative director and founder of Modern Matter, we set up two conversations, one with Femi Adeyemi, founder of NTS Radio on Independence while recent Hublot Design Prize Winner, Nifemi Marcus Bello hangs on zoom with him conversing about design . 

In Lagos, Bubu Ogisi and Dennis Osadebe link up for a conversation on the importance of seclusion, creative spaces, and combining custom with the contemporary. London based musician Benjiflow brings us bowling, a form of rest. Photographed by Daniel Adhami.

Zak Group, a design studio founded by Zak Kyes and is  best known for their design work for Frank Ocean, Anne Imhof, Virgil Abloh privileges us with an insight into their process and ideologies authored by Charlie Robin Jones  wrapped up with a shoot by Orlando Osinowo. Talya Macedo chats with Performance artist, Lulu Wang on her journey from Shanghai to London. 

In the age of digital landlords and housing insecurity en masse, what do words like ’home’, ’family’ and ‘community’ even mean anymore? Insights from London and Los Angeles abound, as furniture curator Jenna Fletcher of Oswalde Shop and  Film Director and Photographer, Mollie Mills search for epicenters amidst online decentralization.  Jessica Madavo reports back from her trip to Senegal. Jeano Edwards is armed with his camera and is  on guest list for a night out with Pierre Rolle with words by Alice Otieno . 

What is Creative Direction for the Now and the Future? A seminar is held on this topic via google docs  with Bior Elliott, Architect and Founder of Real Review, Jack Self, Kazeem Kuteyi and Hasan Guendogan. 

Stationed in New York for the summer, curator and founder of Drawing a Blank, Ben Broome has reflective chats with friends and previous participants of the series, Bianca Saunders, Simon Cahn, Djiby Kebe, Gala Prudent, Orfeo Taiguri with portraits all shot by Djiby Kebe.

We present two archived conversations from our cultural symposium in collaboration with Reference Point from November 2021. Founder and creative director of A-COLD-WALL is in conversation with the legendary designer, Marc Newson. Sandra Poulson, Niall Ashey and Bunmi are in conversation. 

Designer, Bianca Li Channer and Architect, Farida Abu-Bakare have a conversation on the word “Radical”. 

In between the conversations in this issue, archival and new works by Isabel Okoro, Caleb Femi, Ladi Adekioya, Saem, Nixon Rithvixay, Phoenix Yemi, Van-hi Nguyen and Cameron Ugbodu. This and more in 258 pages !


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